For some reason, Kathy Griffin seemed to think people cared that she was no longer co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve show.

Yeah, we forgot she used to do the show too but whatever helps her sleep at night.

She went so far as to write a fairly lengthy and petty thread of ‘gossip’ about the show which quite frankly served as a great reminder as to why they probably STOPPED inviting her to do the show in the first place.

Would you want to work with this?

Yeah, not it.

We won’t torture you with the entire thread (it’s never a good thing if she is ‘lettering’ her tweets) but one tweet, in particular, got our attention, mainly because Greg Gutfeld just absolutely dragged Kathy for it.

Here’s her dumbest tweet of the thread:

There she goes, comparing apples to oranges.

And here comes Greg’s smackdown:


Damn this was good.

We looked for a response from Andy … err … Carrot … err … Kathy but couldn’t find one so there’s that.

She really is her own worst enemy.

OMG, she is whining about making six figures for a few hours of work.

Talk about white privilege.

True dat.

For being an unfunny harpy, yup.

‘Nuff said.


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