It seems Twitter will verify any ol’ economist as long as he or she says really stupid crap about Republicans … like this.

Dude, Republicans starve orphans and kick puppies but hating Americans who work for a living? C’mon. Republicans WANT Americans to work.

We get it, he’s saying they hate the poor people who work or some other horsecrap but at the end of the day Republicans are definitely the party of ‘get a job’. Period the end.

He continued.

Yeah, we know, sorry.


Considering roughly 80% of Americans benefitted from those tax cuts color us shocked that there are SO MANY super-rich Americans. We had no idea.

And exsqueeze me, baking powder? Republicans undermined the healthcare market?! WTAF?

You know that face you make when you read an exceptionally stupid tweet? Yeah, we just made that face.


What sort of economist is this guy?


We’re sure Dave thinks taxes are the key to a strong economy.

Ok, even just writing that made this editor’s eye twitch a little.


Shew, better.



Therein lies the irony of ol’ Dave’s thread.

But we doubt he’ll get it.


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