We haven’t written about Andy Richter in a while so this editor thought what the heck. Plus, he tweeted something pretty ri-damn-diculous so he made it super easy to cover him.

Take a gander at this nugget:

Would seem Andy is missing the actual and entire point of comedy. Regardless of color or sex or age, comedians used to be able to tell jokes they wanted to tell without a bunch of pearl-clutching hyenas (like Andy) busting their chops over it.

These delicate, thin-skinned people are destroying comedy and entertainment as we know it.

He would also never ever stop throwing up if he saw what’s happening to comedy.

It also appears that Andy failed to realize that he himself is an older, white guy saying and doing whatever the eff he wants to. Perhaps self-awareness just isn’t his thing.


Because he hates other older white guys.

We see what she did here.



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