Imagine being so absolutely butthurt politically that the president’s press secretary sharing AWESOME facts and stats about the economy and the country causes you to not only to be angry about it but to attack the messenger.

Who happens to be bearing good news.

We will never, ever understand the Left and that’s probably a good thing.

From the Washington Times:

Not in the last 50 years has the jobs market been as strong as it is today.

Start with the fact that at 3.8 percent the unemployment rate is matching its low point of the last half-century. Almost half of the states in the union now have their lowest unemployment rates ever recorded by the Labor Department. The labor market is so attractive for workers today that America is literally running out of qualified workers to fill all the jobs.

The latest jobs report spotlights 7 million more job postings than workers available to fill them. That’s a bigger number than the entire population of Indiana. An all-time high 130 million Americans now have a job.

The black and Hispanic unemployment rates in October were lower in 2018 than they have been at any time since the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

This super-tight labor market gives workers more bargaining power with their employers. More and more Americans are demanding wage hikes from their employers and millions got those deserved raises. Pay gains in real terms this year are now estimated at 3 percent — one of the biggest increases in two decades. And don’t believe the Trump-haters who say that only the rich benefited. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the lowest-paid Americans got the biggest gains. Who needs the minimum wage, when we have a booming economy with a tide that lifts all boats.

This part though, it really freaked them out:

The bottom line is this: There has never been in most of our entire lifetimes a better time to be looking for a job than today. Unemployment is nonexistent in almost all parts of the country. Wages are rising for the first time in two decades. Americans are again the most productive and among the highest-paid workers in the world. Anthony Scaramucci, a former Trump adviser, titles his new book: “The Blue Collar President.” That is exactly what Mr. Trump is: The working man and woman’s CEO.

He may not be the best president but damn, the guy can run a company and right now America is his company. Sorry, not sorry.

And just LOOK at this hot mess of angry:

Notice this person wants the govt. to solve the minimum wage issue. Telling.


Because it’s a LACK of legislation and the removal of regulations that Democrats love to place on the free market.

It’s there, in black and white, but it’s an outright lie because they don’t like Trump.




Yeah, we need an even smaller federal govt. Truth.

Scary how all of these people think it’s the govt’s job to make sure we have the ‘things’ we need.

Thanks, public schools.


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