Vox explained 2018 through photographs which is actually not a bad idea because sometimes it’s true, a photo is worth a thousand words … or something like that.

But we’re talking about VOX here, so they had to make it weird.

Or at least more Vox-like:

Pictures by women and non-binary photographers.

This editor is starting to feel like the mean old lady down the street who doesn’t know what the Hell is wrong with these kids today.

Holy Hell.

From Vox:

News photography is an industry dominated by men — especially the wire services, like AP Images and Getty Images, which most newsrooms rely on for visual coverage. These wire services drive most of our visual news consumption.

And that problem is especially stark in the annual “Year in Pictures” galleries that most news organizations publish every December. Here’s a thread by Daniella Zalcman of Women Photograph chronicling the gender disparity in Year in Pictures galleries — overall, the numbers are frustratingly grim.

Alrighty then.

Truth be told, most of the photos are lovely in the article but Vox had to mess it up and make it about identity politics instead of the photographs themselves.


Reactions to their spin were pretty damn funny:


The ‘non’ and ‘binary’ thing? Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.


So woke they fell back asleep.


Excuse us but we were told there would be no math.

This gif actually sums 2018 up better than any photo … heh.


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