So in other news this morning, this editor doesn’t totally disagree with Matt Yglesias’ take here on ‘climate/energy problems.’


Dude, if this editor had woken up this morning with her head sewn to the carpet she wouldn’t be quite as surprised as she is that she doesn’t completely disagree with Matty for once. Suppose stranger things have happened …

Ok, so on one hand, Matt is right about the ‘smart set’ in Silicon Valley going to ridiculous extremes in their climate change concerns (which makes them super easy to mock and make fun of), but on the other hand, how DARE he invoke the name of Weird Al.


See? He pinky swore and everything.

All good. No apocalypse.

But then he tweeted this …


There would be at least one Rambo flashback, guaranteed.

This editor so adores Al. True story.

We see what this person did here.


Well, of course, it would start in Spatula City!

We knew it!


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