For months (years?) the media has been doing their best to report negatively about President Trump, the First Lady, and anyone in his administration UNLESS they leave and then suddenly the media are huge fans.

And when they’re called out for this obvious and gross bias they get all weepy and claim that Trump is being mean to them and threatening them or some other horse crap. What they don’t seem to realize is most people who have been paying any sort of attention to their nonsense for the last decade or so KNOW this is not just because of Trump, and truth be told any Republican who had won in 2016 would be getting negative coverage 24/7 because that is WHO THEY ARE.

Truth hurts.

Erick Erickson spelled it out perfectly in this must-read thread:


Not to mention Obama put kids in cages long before Trump but nobody knew it because the media chose not to cover it.

But we digress.

This is infuriating.

Pretty sure Erick is calling them hypocrites.

Yeah, he is.

We remember that too.

Good times.


RedSteeze added to the thread:

They will NEVER go after a President Harris/Booker/Warren or O’Rourke the way they’ve gone after Trump or the way they went after W. Democrats get a pass.

What Will said.



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