We’ve written about Leah Torres, MD before … once because she tweeted something so absolutely vile that even she deleted it. Considering how gross her tweet is about God performing more abortions than her (yeah, it’s impressively vile) who knows, she might delete this one too.

But in the meantime, we thought we’d share the impressive backfire she received on her depraved tweet because we’re givers that way:



Imagine your only claim to fame is performing abortions. Wow.

Serious amounts of ouch.

Whoohoo! Congrats!


Yeah, hey Leah. God called and He asked that you knock it off … thanks.

That too.

Putting it nicely.

And if you think the God tweet is bad, just take a gander at Leah’s entire timeline – she’s a treasure trove of awful.

Aww because you know, a fetus isn’t a baby or something.


Abortion was never meant to be birth control but of course, she’s fine with that.

But she says she’s never killed a baby.

You know that face you make when your uncle tells a really questionable joke at the dinner table and you’re not sure if you should laugh or not? Just made that face.


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