Welp, we were originally going to do the Top 10 Least Self-Aware People of 2018 but when this editor asked Tweeps for suggestions there were SO MANY good ones that we decided to do 20.

Side note, our readers are all maniacs and WE LOVE YOU GUYS.

Ok, so here we go …

Ladies and gents, germs, trolls, and haters, here are the Top 20 Least Self-Aware People of 2018 (and may God have mercy on our souls).

20. Kathy Griffin: Awww, poor Kathy. When she’s not being mistaken for Andy Dick she’s busy posting photos of herself dancing topless and scaring her dogs or crying about how she got BLASTED for her stunt ‘beheading’ the president.

19. Bette Midler: Earlier this year, Bette quoted John Lennon and didn’t bother to mention it was his quote and spent days being called a racist … it was pretty damn funny.

18. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford / Sen. Dianne Feinstein: We put these two lovely ladies together because you can’t really think of one without the other. After spending months (yes MONTHS) trying to destroy Brett Kavanaugh and his family he STILL made it to the SCOTUS. And we’re still making fun of DiFi and Ford for her supposed fear of flying.

17. Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker: Remember when Cory pretended he was releasing documents he wasn’t supposed to even though we learned quite quickly that said documents had been given the all clear for the public to see? That was truly his ‘Spartacus’ moment … and we’re still giggling about it.

16. David Hogg: David made a name for himself exploiting the deaths of his classmates and blaming the NRA for a tragic shooting they had nothing to do with. He was recently accepted into Harvard … don’t make that face, we didn’t accept him.

The irony.

15. Soledad O’Brien: Soledad used to be pretty cool and sharp, but then she caught Trump Derangement Syndrome and well … the rest is history. She likely wouldn’t have made this list if she hadn’t spent Christmas day pretending people were able to shame Trump into visiting the troops by sending him mean tweets.

14. Krassenstein Brothers: We can’t really tell Ed from Brian but considering at least one of these brother’s accounts started out as a Justin Beiber fan thing, we had to include them. A ‘twofer’ if you will.

Oh dear. HA HA HA HA

13. Ron Perlman: Good ol’ tough guy Ron, who probably still thinks Russians fund Twitchy (don’t ask). If we had a nickel for every silly tweet Ron wrote about Trump but didn’t actually send him the Democrats would just tax us anyway.

12. Montel Williams: What can we say about Montel? Sure, it appears he implied this editor is a prostitute and then called our editors wusses but hey, at least he reads us, right? Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know our Twitter handle though …

11. Rep. Eric Swalwell: Good ol’ Rep. Eric Swalwell, the guy who said he’d nuke Americans who didn’t turn over their legally owned firearms and then claimed he was joking. He also wants to run for president – if this isn’t what a lack of self-awareness looks like we don’t know what is.

Snopes … HA HA HA HA HA

10. Tom Arnold: We wrote about Tom so much this year that he actually offered to write for us … and we said no but hey, it was super thoughtful of him. But when he spends the year being racist and sexist to Candace Owens and picking fights with Dana Loesch what does he expect?

9. Max Boot, Bill Kristol, Tom Nichols, Rick Wilson, and Jennifer Rubin (Never Trump movement): This one makes us the saddest because these folks used to be people we’d turn to for informed and educated takes. But unfortunately when Trump won it was sort of like they all broke if that makes sense. Sad!

8. Hillary Clinton: We’re not sure there is any one person who has LESS self-awareness than Hillary but we knew putting her at number one would only feed her ego so here we are … ha!

7. Schumer / Pelosi: Honestly it seems these two hacks may have been separated at birth or they are at least puppets whose strings are being pulled by the DNC. We’ve even seen them tweet nearly the same thing time and time again …

We also think they have the same barber.

6. Obamas: For eight long years, Obama blamed W. for his tanking economy but the moment Trump started turning things around, good ol’ Barack was front and center to take credit for it. Some things never change.

Look at me, look at me!

5. Jim Acosta / Brian Stelter / Chris Cuomo (CNN): We are SO grateful for CNN, without whom we wouldn’t have had nearly the successful year we had. Thank goodness their self-awareness is so completely lacking that every day they give us plenty of fodder. Jim Acosta especially.

4. Sen. Kamala Harris: We almost included Kamala with DiFi and Ford up above since she too tried to destroy Kavanaugh but we decided that Kamala lacks enough self-awareness to stand all on her own. Not to mention we’re pretty sure she thinks she should run for president so … yeah.

When will Kamala acknowledge the people who lost their lives at the hands of illegal immigrants? See what we mean?

3. Michael Avenatti: Our favorite creepy porn lawyer, the guy who made #BASTA (and himself) a joke … the guy who thought he’d run for president and figured out he was a complete embarrassment to the party. Michael Avenatti. Between his disastrous representation of Stormy Daniels (she owes TRUMP money now), to his Julie Swetnick debacle with Kavanaugh, he definitely deserves to be in the top three.

2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Alexandria has quickly become one of our favorite people to write about because she makes our job SO EASY. Whether she’s talking about the three chambers of government or complaining that she can’t take gift cards from friends, she is a treasure trove of Twitchery.

1. Alyssa Milano: Ok, so you probably knew she would be number one and boy howdy, has she earned it. Beating out Alexandria was also no small feat so CONGRATS Alyssa, you are Twitchy’s least self-aware person for 2018! We’re super proud of her and stuff … 

Honorable mentions include: John Brennan, S.E. Cupp, Samantha Powers, Ben Rhodes, Ian Milhiser, NARAL, Stormy Daniels, Comey, Tomi Lahren, Chelsea Manning, Joe Biden, ‘Hags on The View’, Elizabeth Warren, Valerie Jarrett, Adam Schitt … err .. Schiff …

It was a busy year.

And sure, our list could be missing some of your favorites but we tried our very best to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’. HAAAAaaaaa … oh, that made us laugh.

On that note, Happy New Year!


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