Can we get Chuck Schumer from 2009 back, please?

At least when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration, reform, and border security because well … damn.


RIGHT in his badoobies and yes, badoobies are a thing. Google it.

He was right.

Americans DON’T like illegal immigration, it IS wrong, they are illegal, not undocumented and YES, we need to make our southern border far more secure. And now, not even ten years later, he’s willing to completely shut down the govt. over $5 billion dollars to build the wall.


Democrats. *sigh* What happened, Chuck?

Dude, we don’t even want to go there yet.


If we thought people would read stories about cat gifs and recipes yup, we’d be right there with John.

Something like that. Yes.

This could actually work, lol.

Whoa, Chuck is a robot?! WE KNEW IT.

‘Nuff said.


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