You would think after the mess Sen. Dianne Feinstein made of the Kavanaugh hearings the LAST thing she would post on Twitter is a letter from her calling for another hearing …

But then again, she’s a Democrat so, yeah.

Here we are.

We’re not sure there is anything grosser than using children who passed to push an agenda but considering the narrative these people have around abortion this isn’t surprising. Fine, DiFi, have a hearing and then pretend to be shocked that crossing into a country illegally is DANGEROUS for adults, let alone children.

Or they could just build the wall and enforce border security … crazy talk, we know.

Others on Twitter were less than impressed with her letter as well:

It’s like Mark KNOWS her.


It’s ok when they do it … or something.

But Truuuuuump.

All. Day. This. ^

This too.


Term limits anyone?

Problem. Duh.


The timing could have been better on this, DiFi, just sayin’.

There, Dustin figured it out. No need for a costly hearing, Dianne.

But she knew that.


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