As the media spun their wheels trying to find a way to pretend that first Trump not going but then going was somehow a bad thing (and a story), it became painfully clear that no matter what Trump does these same people are going to find a way to complain about him.

Nothing he’ll ever do will ever be right, or good enough.

To be fair though, any Republican who won in 2016 would likely be facing at least some of this nonsense, and Hale Razor summed it up perfectly:


Just look at Yahoo’s homepage for example.

They’re so damn predictable.

One time Trump looked at someone funny on the street and hurt their feelings … we’re sure CNN will have an entire panel discussion on how that makes him literally Hitler.

And then they accused him of using the troops as a prop.

As we said, the guy can’t win.


Perfect, right?

Hale’s tweet made some people cranky though too:

Blah blah blah blah blah.

They have friends? Who knew?

Like we said, so damn predictable.


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