A couple of weeks ago, Chad Felix Greene wrote an article about how it had been more difficult for him to come out as a Conservative than it had been to come out as a gay man and highlighted how badly the Left treated him for being a gay Conservative man.

Yeah, the Left lost their damn minds over that piece but that’s another article.

But reading this post from Pardes Seleh where she shared an email she received explaining why she was being denied an apartment in DC reminded this editor of Chad’s story …

So they won’t let her GIVE THEM MONEY every month because of her politics.

And because she worked at Fox News.

Imagine the sh*t fit the Left would throw if a leftist pundit was denied an apartment for their politics? That building would be on FIRE and the landlord’s employer would immediately be found with demands of them FIRING that racist, sexist, bigot.


Hey, the landlord should have every right to rent to whom they so choose but that being said, this was really poor.

And it could be illegal?

Political affiliation … hrm.

Then again, maybe they did Pardes a huge favor if they are this nasty imagine how awful they’d be as a landlord?

We’re talking about the Left here, let’s not pretend reality is a factor.

Right? Leftists are all about the tolerance.

At the end of the day, this says it all. Clearly, this person wanted Pardes to know the reason he or she wouldn’t rent to her is because of her politics. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so blatantly honest about it.

And they say the Right is hateful. Sheesh.


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