As Twitchy reported, Soledad O’Brien (and a bunch of other blue-check types) spent a good part of Christmas day shaming Trump for not visiting the troops at Christmas, only to make ginormous fools of themselves when it turned out the president and First Lady did indeed make the trip.

When the news broke that Trump was in Iraq instead of admitting they just hate Trump so much they can’t help themselves, Soledad and others claimed the only reason Trump went was that they shamed him into it.

That very day.

Alrighty then.

Well, it just doesn’t work that way and Brit Hume and a bazillion others explained as much and then Soledad got a little … snippy.

We’re surprised she didn’t use a bunch of clapping emoji in her tweet.

Brit responded, again:

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air did as well … and we literally EL OH EL’d.

Soledad is a SHAME NINJA. You never see the shame coming until it’s TOO LATE!


Ooh, so edgy.

True, and she’s not alone.

This editor believes they all need more fiber in their diets. True story.


But hey, according to Joy Reid there are time-traveling hackers so anything is possible, right?


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