As Twitchy told you, media and lefty blue-checks ended up with a crapload of egg on their faces after Donald and Melania Trump’s Iraq visit shot their narrative full of holes.

Alyssa Milano was one of many who jumped the gun and faceplanted:

Brit Hume was among those who pointed out Milano’s mistake:

And that got the attention of Soledad O’Brien, who did the best she could to try to put a negative spin on Trump’s visit:

What would Soledad O’Brien know about shame? About as much as she knows about everything else. It’s not difficult to pour cold water on O’Brien’s hot takes, but Hume does it with such flair, it’s worth highlighting:

He’s on a roll today!

Other than self-inflicted rakes to the face, that is.

* * *

It took a while, but O’Brien finally came roaring back with her “Jerk Store” line:

Of course he prepped for the trip weeks ago, duh: