Ooookay, so we came across a bunch of tweets from Montel Williams to and about Brit Hume that seems to imply he was angry with the newsman with several decades of experience under his belt.

Even though it doesn’t appear Brit was actually talking to him in the first place but hey, what do we know?

It all started here:

Ok, the timestamp on Montel’s tweet is Christmas day and as far as anyone knew NBC was correct.

Alrighty then. No harm no foul.

But then Alyssa Milano quote-tweeted Montel’s tweet on Dec 26 at 2:07 p.m. and by this time we all knew Trump was with the troops so Alyssa’s tweet was well … ill-timed.

Which is why Brit responded to HER.

This is important, you’ll see why.


But Montel must have thought Brit was talking to HIM because he responded with this.

Which understandably confused Brit since it appears he wasn’t talking to Montel in the first place.

See? We’d be confused too.

Montel went on …

Oh, dude.

That was the time stamp on ALYSSA’S tweet.

Not Montel’s.


Would appear Montel still missed that Britt was correcting Alyssa, not him, but we don’t read minds so we can only go by what the tweets say. We also get the impression that he was still angry but again, we can only post his tweets and allow the readers to decide.


Alrighty then.

Posted without comment.

Aww Twitter, never change.