In case everyone missed it, the New York Times wanted to make sure we all know that DONALD TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER AND HE IS KILLING THE PLANET.

Holy Hell.

It would only be newsworthy at this point if they actually said something like, ‘Hey, we’re not huge fans of the president but he’s really not doing anything all that terrible and eventually he won’t be president anymore so we’ll just keep on trucking.’

No no, they’ve gotta keep up THE END IS NIGH rhetoric …

Jesse Kelly called them out:


From the New York Times:

Further depressing the proceedings were recent defections and political troubles in countries that, along with the United States, had been expected to lead the way to a low-carbon energy future. Germany, which long ago walked away from carbon-free nuclear power, is having a hard time cutting back on coal because of political opposition. In Australia, a prime minister was kicked out of office because he wanted to reduce the use of coal, which Australia produces in abundance. China, despite admirably aggressive investments in wind and solar power, has yet to get a firm grip on its emissions from coal-fired plants. The new president-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, not only named an outspoken climate-change denier as his foreign minister but also, reversing his predecessors’ policy, pledged to open up the Amazon to mining and farming. This will threaten biodiversity in one of the world’s great rainforests while crippling its ability to act as a sink for carbon emissions.

You just made the same face we did, we’d bank on it.

Quiet you!

And THAT is far truer than anything this editor could have written about the New York Times.


Tax cuts did this editor in.

Why not the UNIVERSE?!

Wait, let’s not give them any ideas.


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