Benny Johnson tweeted out footage of Jim Acosta asking if troops serving in a war zone on CHRISTMAS should be disciplined for having Trump sign swag.

Side note, just look at the face Jim is making … doesn’t it look like he really needs to pass gas or something?

Anyway, after you watch the clip you’ll see why Benny reacted the way he did in his tweet:

No, there is no line of questioning beneath CNN. Heck, look at a year of their chyrons and that will tell you everything you need to know about how much they stink. That being said, Brandon Friedman a self-professed former Obama guy (aka staffer) and ‘real journalist’ went after Benny for ‘attacking CNN’.

Oh, and he definitely wants the troops disciplined.

Cut it as a real journalist? What the Hell does that even mean, Brandon?

If Jim Acosta is what a ‘real journalist’ looks like well then … no thanks. And we’re glad Benny couldn’t cut it when it comes to being a bloviating, emotional, overly-sensitive, self-centered, agenda-pushing, bullsh*t artist.

Just sayin’.

How dare troops enjoy their holiday.

We can TOTALLY see why Brandon was a ‘former Obama guy’.



It is. And anyone calling out how ridiculous this is should also be attacked.

Sad ain’t it?

Oh, and if you’re curious how Benny reacted to Brandon:



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