When a parody account makes you into a parody of yourself it’s never a good thing.

At least not on Twitter.

Perhaps @DPRK_News has taken notice of Montel Williams’ tweets from the past few days where it appears he has taken fairly ugly and sexist digs at various conservative women who have disagreed with him. Far be it for this editor to assume what is in Montel’s mind when he writes something like, ‘Go walk your corner,’ but in most circles that implies the person walking said corner is a prostitute.

Just sayin’.

Hey, there could be other jobs out there where people ‘walk a corner’ and we just haven’t heard of the before.


We may or may not have giggled our fool heads off reading this tweet from one of our favorite parody accounts.

Hoping to change that.

Ummm …

That’s the joke. As far as we know, Montel isn’t an admiral either.

Repeat after us, boys and girls, PARODY.

No doubt.

Who knew this was a thing?


Let’s hear it for Twitter!

And curtain.


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