We talk a good deal about bias in the media. In an age where outlets like CNN are openly waging a ‘war’ with the president how can we not?

What we don’t address as much though is HOW the media itself gets to be this biased, which was a point @AG_Conservative made in a brutally honest thread about where reporters actually get their stories.

So basically activists are driving the news cycle.

That’s insane, right?

Good ol’ Judd and his many campaigns to silence those he disagrees with by any means possible. He’s a real sweetie.


Sure, most of us know Judd is a pandering, biased, angry, hack looking to ruin people’s lives for having a different point of view than his. But once a media outlet like CNN or MSNBC picks up the story it becomes … NEWS.


The reporter happens to follow Judd.

Color us shocked.

And then the Left would screech about how the right-leaning outlet is literally Hitler or something stupid and the story would get no traction outside of right-leaning circles … trust us, we know these things.

Which is ironically discrediting the media.

And the cycle continues.


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