Sounds like The Knights of Columbus invited Kamala Harris to one of their social events as a sort of ‘olive branch’ to the senator who called their organization into question citing so-called extreme positions.

Who knew that being pro-life was an extreme position?

It also sounds like Kamala is ignoring them …

From the Washington Examiner:

Potential Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., hasn’t responded to an invitation to plunge into a pool of ice water to raise money for the D.C. Special Olympics in February.

She was publicly invited to attend last week by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charity group she recently criticized as extreme. The 136-year-old group invited Harris and Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, to participate in the popular D.C. fundraiser after the senators described the organization earlier this month as having “extreme positions” and having “opposed a woman’s right to choose.”

They invited her to help raise money for Special Olympics and she crapped on them.

Stay classy, Kamala.

Because they’re not raging, overly-emotional, pandering hacks trying to push an agenda for lazy votes.

Like Kamala.



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