Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a photo of her office plaque but wanted to make sure her supporters know she’s not forgotten who she really is or where she came from because you know, she’s super edgy and down with the people.

There’s just one problem …

We all know she’s not from the Bronx.

And ugh, this stupid song …

Michael Knowles reminded ‘Alex from the Bronx’ where she’s really from:

And she did not like it.

Would someone please grab a handful of teeny, tiny violins?


Wow, talk about epic and impressive amounts of complete and total bullsh*t. Like so much that a bull could walk by, look at the bullsh*t she just spewed here and say, ‘Damn, that’s a LOT of bullsh*t.’

Knowles wasn’t having any of it.


‘Alex from Westchester’ isn’t quite as easy to sing though, man.


And so began Alexandria’s meltdown:


She already lost the debate.

This begs the question, are Democrats really ‘sending us their best’?

Poor thing, her typos and poor grammar went viral before she could fix it.


Slow your roll … heh.

Cue more meltdown:


She is really invested in this lie, folks. Otherwise, all she had to do was correct Michael Knowles but OH NO, she decided to play the victim, crying about mansplaining and how people didn’t KNOW her seven months ago or whatever.

It was honestly pretty hilarious.

And so very telling.

Corny? Really?

No one it trying to take the Bronx from Alex, they just want her to be honest and stop pretending to be someone she’s not. This ain’t rocket science.

Speaking of playing the victim … cripes, woman.


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