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Newsom-Appointed Regulators OK Change to Utility Billing That Makes Responsible Users PAY MORE

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

For all their caterwauling about the rich paying their 'fair share', the Democrats seem perfectly content with making the middle- and working-classes pay more and more. They may not call it 'taxes', but fees and government surcharges and policies that raise the minimum wage and cost of business all impact the exact people the Democratic Party claim to want to help.


Out of California, a new proposal recently okayed by regulators will see people who use less energy paying more to subsidize others.

'Classic California' indeed.

More from ABC7:

California regulators on Thursday voted to make it cheaper for people to charge electric cars and cool their homes in the summer, a decision heralded as part of the state's transition to clean energy but derided by others who warn it will raise prices for people who don't use as much energy.

The California Public Utilities Commission voted to let the state's big investor-owned utilities - including Pacific Gas & Electric - add a fixed charge to people's power bills each month to pay for installing and maintaining the equipment necessary to transmit electricity to homes.

For most people, the charge will be $24.15 per month and will take effect starting late next year. Others with lower incomes who are enrolled in one of two discount programs will pay less, either $6 or $12 per month.

Just like with student loans, the people who are financially responsible get punished by the government.

It sure is. And California does it well.


All about power.

Yes it is.

Totally not a shocker.

Yep. Government is punishing you for the behavior of your neighbors.

The Democratic Party seeks to obliterate the middle class and, at least in California, they're doing an excellent job of it.

Yeah, California is poised to ban self-checkouts so it wouldn't surprise us if they tried to prohibit moving out of state.


It doesn't.

And don't try to make it make sense because you'll get a headache.


And they'll blame the big guy for this, too.


And massive rolling brownouts.

It sure does. Expensive consequences.

Yep. Always.

It's what they always do. Imagine when they mandate only electric vehicles.

Guess we'll see come November, huh?

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