Leave it to Vanity Fair to write a ridiculous, vile, ignorant, smear piece about Conservative college women.

We read a LOT of stupid articles (we cover CNN for Pete’s Sake), but man, this dumpster fire of an article is not only really stupid but infuriating. They deliberately painted these young women with a broad, unflattering, brush to push a stereotype and caricature of who Conservative women are and then fed it to their mindless, vapid base so they could continue shrieking about evil white women.

So absolutely foul.

Shame on Vanity Fair.

From Vanity Fair:

“It’s really hard to date here,” said Gabby Derosier, 19, a sporty, dark-haired girl who was sitting at a wrought-iron patio table eating a hamburger. “Liberal guys match with me a lot on Tinder because they like to argue. I put it right in my profile that I’m a conservative woman. But then they kind of want me to be like the guy in the relationship and . . .” She made a face. “I like a man to be a man—like a lumberjack. Liberal guys are really feminine.”

Along the darkened path leading out of the cookout, as I was leaving, another young woman stopped to say hello; I told her that I was there, too, to find out why some young women still pledge their loyalty to Trump even with the accusations of sexual assault against him. And she told me she had been raped her freshman year. “He took advantage of a naïve freshman. He expected sex and I didn’t know that would be expected. So Republican women know about Me Too,” she said. “But please don’t say my name. I have to be so careful with applying to law school.”

Holee chit.

Told you.

Oh, it gets worse. Look at this nonsense:

Tiffany reacted EXACTLY as Vanity Fair wanted her to as did most people on this thread. All this editor can do at this point is shake her head. Well, and write snark …


No way Daniel has ever met a real Conservative woman.





This editor agrees with Mona, but not for the reasons she’s babbling about. Outlets continue to deliberately misrepresent Conservative women to alienate and objectify them so the Left can ignore their voices and ideas. So they can be written off and ignored.

And this editor says enough.


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