We’re not entirely sure who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is arguing with in this tweet or who she believes is holding her and others to a higher standard but her list of accomplishments made this editor giggle.

Just a little.

Granted, she does say it’s only ‘some’ of them …

  1. Eh. A Democrat beat a Democrat.
  2. What, she thinks no one has ever heard of a Green Deal before?
  3. Thinking she meant ‘shown’ BUT we suppose she could be claiming she was shining a light on the govt or something so giving her the benefit of the doubt. Plus we don’t want people complaining that we’re mean to her or something.

Baby steps, people.

But bro, she’s Alex from the Bronx!

Her supporters are trying to help her … think she’ll listen?

Oh, and some wisdom from Geraldo Rivera:

In other words, Alexandria put the Twitter DOWN.


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