One reason why Rep. Ted Lieu should stop tweeting …

Ok, there are literally a plethora of reasons he shouldn’t tweet but we had to play on his bizarre fanboy tweet about Nancy Pelosi.

We call SHENANIGANS on this tweet.

He left out:

  1. Trump all but endorsed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and;
  2. GOP ran on SECURING borders and nobody has an issue with legal immigrants and;
  3. Yes, elections do have consequences as Democrats learned when their candidate lost to Trump in 2016

Ted. Dude. We’re onto you … get a new schtick.

This sort of thinking is totally cattywampus but it’s their messaging and talking points so, like a good little Democrat, Ted is tweeting what he’s supposed to.

Sad news though for Ted, even Democrats don’t think Nancy is all that awesome.

Way to go, Ted.

Guess elections still have consequences.


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