Remember when Europe deferred to this teenager to set its energy policy? Good times, good times. . .

Meanwhile, Germany — for some reason — is not firing up its clean-burning nuclear power plants and is instead going with coal:

Hardest hit:


Anyway, that’s not the worst of it. It looks like it’s too late for Germany and Europe to avoid very, very high utility bills this winter:

This sounds . . . bad:

Yet it’s an energy crisis we’re barely talking about in America:

None of this is good:

Retail customers are just now feeling the pain:

Oh, and our *allies* continue to support the Russian war machine. Freezing temps will do that to you:

One other concern is that the oil left in the U.S. SPR is just not that useful:

Bonus stat: We’re now selling oil leftover from the 70s that we bought from Iran:

And what does all this mean? More recession for us at home, that’s what:


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