With Joe Biden’s health a bit more uncertain these days, thanks to apparent back-to-back cases of COVID, it’s at least comforting to know that his vice president is both physically and mentally  fit to step in if he needs her.

Yep, we can definitely rest easy knowing that someone like Kamala Harris is around:

Kamala Harris is a natural leader who, naturally, understands leadership. She, in her dedication to the American people, is dedicated and also American and also a person, which is one of many people. And she is hopeful that love will win out, today, tomorrow, and yesterday, which is the day before today, which is the day before tomorrow, which is two days after yesterday.


Wow. That’s almost good enough to be a Kamala Harris speech.

She definitely has a brand, doesn’t she? So she’s got that going for her, at least.

The deepest. Not shallow, which is the opposite of deep. Just like love is the opposite of hate and potato is the opposite of tomato, and be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

Her commitment to committing is truly admirable, and we really admire it, and we are committed to admiring her with our admiration in the United States of America, where freedom rings, much like onion rings.

We are so blessed.

God bless us, everyone.




Kamala Harris’ latest Veep Thought makes her a lock for induction to the Great Orators Hall of Fame