When your POTUS is looking a little feeble and out to lunch in most public appearances, it may be time to consider an image upgrade. The Right has been chanting “llet’s go Brandon” for months. The Left is evidently just going to go with it now, by dubbing their struggling hero “Dark Brandon.”

Guys, they don’t appear to be kidding. The hero worship has taken on a whole new dark form, memes would have you believe President Biden has put down the pudding cup and donned a ruthless cape of iron will. We all need something to believe in?

However unbelievable, Dark Brandon memes are somewhat entertaining. Particularly if you enjoy having your eyeballs roll all the way back into your brain. Now every bizarre thing Biden does can be attributed to the freakish mutations of heroism.


It’s not really going to be an easy sell for most who have watched President Biden any time he has been in front of the cameras.

There’s only one thing left to do, really. Embrace Dark Brandon and let the laughter commence.

Pretty sure the world is laughing with us, not at us, right?