We’re calling fake news on this one. According to NBC, people shouting “Let’s go, Brandon!” are simply cheering on driver Brandon Brown, who recently earned his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series win. But now that same network is reporting that the chant is “a right-wing slogan widely understood as code for profanity directed at President Biden.” That might explain the explosion of #FJB hashtags we’ve been seeing on Twitter recently, along with a rap called “Let’s Go Brandon” topping the iTunes charts.

The phrase was coined by an NBC reporter on Oct. 2, but by Oct. 30, National Public Radio had deduced that maybe people weren’t actually cheering on a guy named Brandon.

Let’s hear what NPR has to say:

If you’ve heard people chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon!” or seen someone with a shirt or hat sporting the seemingly jovial message lately, you might be wondering who Brandon is and why so many people are rooting for him.

In this case, the phrase isn’t actually about supporting a guy named Brandon. Instead, it’s a euphemism that many people in conservative circles are using in place of saying, “F*** Joe Biden.”

NPR notes that the phrase has even been uttered by members of Congress, including Sen. Ted Cruz.

Imagine there are people reeling from the shock of just learning this.


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