Remember back in March of 2020 when candidate Joe Biden came unglued after being confronted by a Detroit autoworker about his gun control policies? The man told by Biden he didn’t need an “AR-14” literally got a rifle engraved with “AR-14” and “You’re full of s**t.”

So this isn’t the first time Biden’s been immortalized on a gun. NBC News reports, pearls in hand, that gun dealers are capitalizing on “Let’s go, Brandon” as a marketing gimmick.

That’s awesome! NBC News’ TDS-afflicted Ken Dilanian reports:

Palmetto State Armory, which operates a 12,000-square-foot gun store in Columbia, S.C., the state capital, is marketing a “LETSGO-15 Stripped Lower Receiver,” which is a part meant for an AR-15-style assault rifle.

The product description on the company’s website says the fire selector on the weapon part features three modes: “’[email protected]!’” (Safe), “’JOE!’” (Fire), “’BIDEN!’” (Full-Auto).”

At least two other firms in other states, Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical, are advertising an AR-15 magazine for sale with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker.

And NBC News is doing some nice free advertising for these dealers. Now that we know about these, we want them.

It was Dilanian’s network that coined the slogan, after all.

It’s not in the story now as far as we can see, but it looks like NBC News actually talked to a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, “which investigates threats against the president,” who declined to comment.

Lighten up, Ken.