Vox’s Ian Millhiser is bored, you guys. August is off to a pretty slow start, at least for him, and he’s desperate for an activity that will keep him busy. Something that will allow him to flex his creative muscles, which are in serious danger of atrophying.

Hey! How about writing obituaries for Supreme Court Justices who are still alive? That’s the ticket!

Ian’s just having a normal one, everybody.

No, seriously, though. This kind of stuff is totally normal for Ian Millhiser.

Creepy AF, actually.

It’s gross, to be sure. But perhaps even more than that, it’s just straight-up weird. Millhouse is a weird dude.

Hey, it’s called staying on brand!

Uh-oh, Ian.

There are better ways to amuse yourself, you know:

There’s an idea!



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