By some modern miracle, Vox’s Ian Millhiser has managed to parlay all of his staggering legal and judicial ignorance into a successful career as an expert on legal and judicial matters. And more power to him! Not just anyone can do something like that.

Well, given all the buzz surrounding the Supreme Court lately, it’s only natural that Ian Millhiser would have some things to say about it. And it’s only natural that anything Ian Millhiser has to say about it would be really, really stupid.

And so, without further ado, here’s Millhouse’s message to any law professor out there who believes that the Supreme Court is well within the scope of what the Supreme Court’s role is in the American system of government:

Why not, Ian? Is it because you’re an aspiring fascist and absolutely hate the idea of the Constitution and believe that Americans can only be really and truly free if they’re being ruled over by leftist overlords? If we had to take a guess, that would be it.

It’s definitely the perfect Ian Millhiser tweet: it’s supposed to come off as witty and biting and profound but instead just lets his moth-ridden authoritarian mask slip even further off of his stupid little face.

That is what Ian Millhiser genuinely believes in his heart: that the only law professors worth a damn are the ones who don’t understand the law.

That also goes for Vox legal “experts.”


Seethe and expose yourself as the wannabe dictator that you are.

That’s our Millhouse!

Take a bow, Ian Millhiser. You’ve done it again.



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