It’s only natural that Vox’s Ian Millhiser would be among the many lefties seething with rage over Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. But unlike so many of them, who are focusing on the existential threat posed by free speech, Ian’s real beef seems to be that Musk could have and should have put his billions to much better use: buying Wyoming’s two Senate seats, of course!

The craziest part is that he’s likely not joking. It sounds like he is, of course, because he’s effing Ian Millhiser and is himself a colossal joke. But he’s been on this abolish-the-Senate kick for years now and we could totally believe that he’d be in favor of buying votes to get elected. Of course we’re a bit fuzzier on the plan when it comes to abolishing the entire U.S. Senate from within the confines of representing the people of Wyoming, but we have no doubt that it all makes sense in Ian’s head, which is a very silly place.

Ian really does believe he’s brilliant, bless his heart.

We don’t begrudge billionaires their billions, but we might have to make an exception if Ian Millhiser were a billionaire. That’s really a pointless thought exercise, though, as Ian Millhiser will never contribute anything of value to society, in Wyoming or anyplace else.



Vox’s Ian Millhiser reminds us about the time that ‘Clarence Thomas successfully conspired […] to overturn the result of the 2000 election’

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