When it’s sharp analysis of the United States judicial system you’re looking for, there’s only one place to turn: way the hell away from Vox’s Ian Millhiser.

Back on Monday, the first day of the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, Millhiser offered up an oven-mitt-worthy hot take on how the hearings for Jackson differed from those for Brett Kavanaugh. According to Ian, “one important distinction between Ketanji Brown Jackson and Brett Kavanaugh is that Ketanji Brown Jackson did not attempt to rape a woman when she was in high school.” That we know of, Ian. That we know of. We’re just trying to keep it light, of course. As far as anyone knows, Brett Kavanaugh did not attempt to rape a woman when he was in high school, either.

Well, fast-forward a few days to today, and Millhiser’s got another top-tier Supreme Court take, this time about Justice Clarence Thomas:

Guys. You guys.

Someone actually pays Ian Millhiser for his “analysis.” Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but dammit if Ian Millhiser’s aren’t excruciatingly stupid. It’s almost impressive, really, that he’s managed to parlay his idiocy into a career as a writer, considering how frequently he publicly broadcasts the fact that he’s a complete dunce. A conspiratorial dunce, at that.

Hey, yeah. Looks like we’re gonna need a 2000 Election Committee, too.

But it’s OK when they do it.

No, really. It’s OK when they do it:

Of course.



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