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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

A.J. Delgado is big, BIG mad, everyone. The former advisor to Donald Trump's 2016 campaign (who was subsequently not hired by Trump and got big, big mad about that too) has spent all weekend getting hilariously ratioed for her defense of Harvard and protestations that she is a 'real Harvard' graduate


All of this is fallout from the outstanding reporting done by Christopher Rufo, which brought down Harvard president Claudine Gay for plagiarism. Rufo has since been attacked by the media for some pretty ridiculous claims (including being a Russian spy, because ... of course), but one of the worst, and silliest, attacks is from other Harvard alumni that Rufo didn't really go to Harvard. Rufo is a graduate of the Harvard Extension School, which is a fully accredited part of Harvard University. Moreover, Rufo has always been public about this.

But it still made the likes of Delgado furious. So furious that she has apparently forgotten the first rule of holes. 

On Saturday night, one of our favorite X accounts, @OrdnancePackard, tried to show Delgado how ridiculous she sounded with her elitist preening about 'real' Harvard vs. Harvard Extension School. 

Ah, yes. Noted Constitutional scholar David Hogg, who continually gets lampooned for not knowing American history, not understanding the 2nd Amendment, and, well, basically not knowing anything, despite his four years at Harvard. 

Then Delgado decided to dig her hole a little deeper with just an astoundingly oblivious tweet. 


Oh, dear. This is NOT going to go well for you, Ms. Delgado.

Packard responded, not with emotions, but with facts about Hogg's 'qualifications' to be accepted at Harvard. 

'Kitten.' LOL. But the truth is the truth (OK, technically, Hogg got a 1270, which is still far below Harvard's stated standards). Hogg did have good grades in high school, but he was denied admission by many schools, including UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, and UC Irvine. 

In fact, if it wasn't for Fox News host Laura Ingraham mocking his rejections (for which she later apologized), Hogg likely would have never set foot on Harvard's campus. Harvard admitting him was the school's way of 'owning the cons.'

It's difficult to dispute this, especially since Harvard rejected Kyle Kashuv, a high school classmate of Hogg's who had similarly good grades and a FAR higher SAT score. The difference between the two? Kashuv is a conservative, while Hogg wants to ban all guns in America.


Harvard has its priorities after all.

Double down is being kind. By this point, Delgado has septupled down on her 'real Harvard' cringe tweets.

Well, he did start that pillow company. How's that working out? 

Something tells us, X is not all that impressed with Hogg as an 'extraordinary (literally) young adult.'

And Ordy wasn't done yet. 

Delgado even earned herself a coveted 'Frog of Shame' (we think it was her fourth or fifth just this weekend alone). 


And we are 'literally' doing a spit-laugh right now. 

HA. That's perfect. Hogg even steals his awful tweets. Say, maybe he did belong at Harvard after all. 

Wonder if we -- or Chris Rufo -- can take a look at his thesis to see how much of it is 'borrowed.'

Hey, they're still infantilizing Hunter Biden and that guy is 53 years old. 

Fact check: true. 

And now we ARE 'literally' dying. That is the perfect GIF for Delgado's weekend. 


Yeah, we're not seeing it either. 

But maybe on her next tone-deaf, elitist, ratioed tweet, she'll say something intelligent. 

We're not holding our breath though. 


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