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NY Post examines how Dem control has been for your bottom line (while Biden brags about 'strong as hell' economy)

Before we get to how badly Biden and the Dems have screwed things up for working families, over the weekend President Biden gave a gift to GOP ad makers by eating an ice cream cone while proclaiming the U.S. economy to be “strong as hell”:


Last week one of the Biden White House’s economic gaslighters said the economy is “moving in the right direction”:

Meanwhile, Biden says that he ran for president to give working families more “breathing room” with the Inflation Reduction Act (that’s helping people by giving them tax credits for energy-efficient coffee makers):

As usual, the situation in the real world continues to contradict the rainbow, gumdrop & unicorn economic assessments coming from Biden and the Dems. Today’s New York Post focuses on what’s happened to Americans’ 401Ks and savings:


Gee, thanks Biden…

It’s going great.

The “Build Back Better” president hasn’t even been in office for two years and already this is the kind of thing we’ve gotten:

The new spin from the Biden White House is that the effects of the Inflation Reduction Act haven’t kicked in yet. Yeah, that’s what we’re afraid of!

Have you taken a peek at the balance in your 401(k) retirement accounts lately? Here’s our advice: Don’t bother. It will ruin your whole day, week and month.

Here’s why: We’ve now had seven straight months of 8%+ inflation. A year ago we were assured by the White House economic wizards that these rapid price increases in everything from groceries, to rental cars, to gasoline at the pump, to health insurance were merely “transitory.” Whoops.

The most immediate sticker shock from Bidenflation, of course, has been to shrink real take-home paychecks of workers. We have calculated that over the past 20 months, this rise in consumer prices over wages means that the average family in America has lost nearly $6,000 in purchasing power. This from the Lunch Bucket Joe president who promised to help boost the incomes of the middle class. When, exactly?


No mean tweets though!

Make sure to let the Democrats know how much you appreciate it when voting in the midterms next month.



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