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Glorious Glenn Beck thread flashes back to time Brian Stelter asked about his 'media empire imploding'

After the news hit that CNN’s fresh venture, CNN+, was being shuttered after just a few weeks a producer asked everybody to “be kind” instead of snarky. Politico’s Sam Stein said that anybody cheering the demise of CNN+ was being “gross.” But as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem pointed out yesterday, when the layoffs are happening in areas other than the field of journalism it’s not such a sensitive issue.


Related to that, Glenn Beck flashed back a few years to remember when CNN’s Brian Stelter was pushing a report that Beck’s media empire was “imploding”:

Based on what we know now Stelter’s comments on CNN were just unwitting projection.

Beck continued to pile on:




“The Hindenburg of media failures” might even be an understatement when describing the epic disaster that was a CNN+ rocket that exploded on the launch pad.

The thread continues and you can pick it up here.




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THAT is gonna leave a mark! Greg Gutfeld uses CNN+ to LEVEL Chris Wallace (and vice versa) and it’s a glorious thing (watch)

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