We told you earlier today that Warner Bros. Discovery decided to shut down CNN+ not long after launching the subscription service that was “hyped as one of the most signifiant developments in the history of CNN”:

Almost immediately there were many rushing to dance near the freshly dug grave for CNN+. However, Politico/MSNBC journo Sam Stein slammed those mocking the fast demise of CNN+:


“S**t wages”? Was CNN not paying living wages? Maybe that’s a separate story for a later date.

But hey, journalists would be tweeting the same thing if a Fox News entity went under, right? RIGHT!?

When Democrats tell coal workers they’ll lose their jobs in the name of “clean energy” initiatives but will be retrained for other things “journalists” don’t get nearly as triggered.


“We don’t have a lot of people watching for free so maybe we’ll get more viewers by charging for certain content” was always an incredibly baffling business plan.

Yes, fortunately for anybody affected by any layoffs that might ensue the economy is on fire (according to the Biden White House — your mileage may vary).



Incoming CNN CEO’s memo to employees should totally help soften the blow from CNN+’s humiliating demise

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