By now, you’ve no doubt heard the shocking news that Warner Bros. Discovery is pulling the plug on CNN+ after the streaming service spent its few weeks of existence on life support.

But according to the memo incoming CEO Chris Licht sent out to employees, everyone who was part of CNN+’s attempt at being a thing should take comfort in knowing that they were part of something truly special and in knowing that a little bit of CNN+ will continue to live on (until CNN just collapses completely, at least).

These things happen. Who knows why?

They’re just trying to keep on the sunny side of the street.

We’re not sure what was so complex here. Pretty much everyone other than CNN predicted CNN+’s demise, in large part because the regular CNN experience sucks and has no value whatsoever.

But all that matters now is that the good people who poured their hearts into CNN+ did not do so in vain, and they will be rewarded for their efforts:

Keep those chins up and take some comfort in knowing that CNN did the absolute best they could.



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