In case you’ve been wondering where Elon Musk stands on Netflix, he let everyone know yesterday:

Fast-forward to today, and the data seems to suggest that a lot of people agree with Musk that Netflix is unwatchable:

Yiiiiiiiiiikes. Tough break, Netflix.

In both the business and entertainment worlds, this is pretty big news. So it makes sense that CNN would cover it, too:

It also makes sense that CNN would cover it because self-awareness hasn’t been their strong suit in years (if it ever even was their strong suit).

@back_ttys is joking (sort of) about the number of CNN+ subscribers, but not by much. Like, has CNN been paying any attention whatsoever to what’s happening in their own house? Have they seen the data for CNN+? At all?

Or are they too busy devoting all their time and energy to what other people are doing? Usually it’s Fox News, but today it’s Netflix.

Brian Stelter saw Netflix’s woes coming from a million miles away, you guys. Of course he’s got plenty to say about it.

So, so many things to say.

Damn straight!

Want to hear more of Brian Stelter’s takes on Netflix? Tune into CNN+!

The jokes just keep writing themselves.



If Chris Wallace’s interview subject tonight doesn’t boost the CNN+ subscriber numbers NOTHING will

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