According to veteran media reporter Jon Nicosia, his sources are telling him that Brian Stelter’s “days are numbered” with CNN now that the merger with Discovery has gone through.

Nicosia writes:

“Brian Stelter’s days are numbered with the network.” Discovery management “very much considers him a Zucker henchman and embarrassment” and believes he is “a negative partisan lighting rod and distraction going forward” /more to come.”

So, if true, where does he end up?

Stelter also tried to defend Jenn Psaki’s awful comments we told you about on Friday when she attacked Fox News’ Peter Doocy with one foot out the door on her way to MSNBC:

Stelter claimed on his show that he “didn’t really criticize [Doocy] directly” so it was okay:

But. . .

He DID criticize her directly “you dishonest hack”;

It’s different now, Brian?

He went on to justify it, saying “There have been other times…where I think Doocy does advance right-wing talking points in the briefing room but that’s his right”:

Stelter even went as far as blaming “senioritis” for the comments, because the voice of the president is totally like a high school senior who has checked out for the year.

“[R]emember in senior yr, spring of your senior yr, you’re about to graduate and you’re just tired of all this? I think we’re seeing that from Jen Psak”:

Just to clear one thing up:



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