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Dem Sen. Pat Leahy's 'never seen anything like' unfair treatment of Biden's SCOTUS nominee

A couple days ago during opening remarks at the Senate confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson, a CNN+ producer had a “hunch” that Republicans were still mad about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing that Democrats turned into a circus of smears.


If Republicans are still mad about the Kavanaugh hearing, it looks like at least one Democrat doesn’t even remember it. Here’s what Democrat Sen. Pat Leahy said today:

Leahy’s comment also contains a terrific argument for term limits.

He’s either forgotten or is pretending the Kavanaugh hearing (and some others) never happened.

Dems are not happy because Republicans were questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson about her record on the bench, but maybe they’d have been more comfortable if she’d have been grilled about drinking beer in college.


Does Leahy really think nobody remembers what the Democrats did?



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