If Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson could stop giving us reasons to fear that she’d be very, very bad for SCOTUS, that’d be great. But she doesn’t seem interested in doing that.

Her explanations for her position on sentencing for child pornography offenders have ranged from mildly concerning to what-the-hell-is-she-trying-to-do-right-now, and today, well, let’s just say she didn’t do herself any favors:

Now, in the interest of fairness, we’re also posting Mediate’s tweet on the exchange, which mentions things that were said immediately after Graham’s “Good!” remarks:

It’s true that the witness, Ketanji Brown Jackson, didn’t say that she doesn’t think that what child pornography offenders do is a bad thing. But we still feel pretty comfortable to say that we’re disturbed — or at least unsettled — by Judge Jackson’s tone. She may not have explicitly said that child pornography offenders shouldn’t be severely punished with decades-long prison sentences, but she kinda sounds like she’s troubled by the prospect of decades-long prison sentences for child pornography offenders.

And that definitely seems like a bad thing to us. As does this:

Um, we’re gonna stop you right there, Judge: what, exactly, is “rational” about downplaying the seriousness of child pornography offenders’ crimes? So what if other criminals commit other kinds of crimes? Child pornography is unconscionable in and of itself and doesn’t deserve leniency just because the pornographer didn’t rob a bank or go on a shooting rampage.

Where does Judge Jackson keep finding these shovels? Good Lord.

Surely there’s someone more qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. There has to be.

It’s not a defense anyone should go with. Ever.



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