Just like everyone else, Lawrence O’Donnell has been watching the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, quivering with anticipation at the prospect of her owning the Republicans trying to trip her up with trivial stuff like questions about her record of sentencing leniency for child pornography offenders.

And just like everyone else, Lawrence O’Donnell was overcome with righteous indignation when GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham brought up Judge Jackson’s religious faith, during a confirmation hearing, no less! How dare you, Senator?! Don’t you know that questions resembling religious tests are completely out of bounds?

This sort of thing is just totally unprecedented and inappropriate and immoral and unprecedented!

Fake outrage, PoliMath? What do you mea— ohhhh. Right:

Well hello there, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Fancy seeing you here.

That’s literally what’s happening.

To be fair, Lawrence is actually not misrepresenting the clip. Lindsey Graham did ask Ketanji Brown Jackson “What faith are you?” And a few other faith-related questions.


We know we’re supposed to be outraged, but we’re having a difficult time locating our ability to give a damn. To quote one of Lawrence O’Donnell’s heroes, what difference, at this point, does it make? Lindsey Graham sure as hell didn’t open this Pandora’s Box. He didn’t even really cross any lines if you take a minute to breathe and consider the very important point he was trying to make:

They’re not only pretending not to get Sen. Graham’s point; they’re deliberately ignoring it.

Democrats did it. Know who else did it? The media, that illustrious club of which Lawrence O’Donnell is a card-carrying member.

To equate Sen. Graham’s questions to Ketanji Brown Jackson to Senate Democrats’ questions to Amy Coney Barrett (and their treatment toward other judicial nominees) is so brazenly intellectually dishonest, it’s actually nauseating.

That’s some very colorful language you’ve got there, Mr. Al Assliken. But we’ll allow it. Because it’s absolutely accurate.



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