Even though it’s the second day of the Senate confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, we still feel like it’s worth highlighting Daily Beast expert on “politics stuff” Matt Fuller’s take from yesterday, because it’s still just as piping-hot today:

Great point, Matt!

Said no one who was actually paying attention to the Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh or the aftermath of his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Come on, Matt. This is basic politics stuff.

Then we have no choice but to conclude that Matt Fuller is not a decent person. At the very least, he’s not a decent journalist. Because decent journalists don’t work so hard to rewrite history, especially history that we’re most definitely old enough to remember.

OK, we suppose it’s technically possible that Matt Fuller really is just misremembering what happened. But if that’s the case, he’s misremembering an awful lot of details. And still not giving us any reason to trust him or his reporting on politics stuff (or on anything, really).

Someone should hook Matt up to a polygraph machine and ask him if he’s a serious person. Just for giggles!

Well, yeah.



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