Harry Reid’s former deputy chief of staff Adam Jentleson is more than happy to give his late boss credit for making it less difficult for Senate Dems to confirm Joe Biden’s nominee to replace retiring SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer.

Well, the Daily Beast’s “politics stuff” guy Matt Fuller isn’t ready to give Harry Reid props yet. Nope. As far as he’s concerned, this one’s on Mitch McConnell:

Bless your heart, Matt.

Mitch McConnell explicitly warned Harry Reid and Democrats that Reid would be opening up a huge can of worms by nuking the filibuster. Reid and the Democrats didn’t listen. That’s on them. Not on Mitch McConnell. It wasn’t McConnell who decided to shake up The Norms™. He merely took advantage of the opportunity that Reid had afforded him.

Why can’t libs own their part in this?

For what it’s worth:


We’ll be here.



Libs are panicking over Mitch McConnell figuring out a way to block Biden’s SCOTUS pick

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