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Uh oh! You know it's bad for Biden when a former Obama adviser isn't buying the WH's inflation spin

President Biden and those in his administration, along with other Democrats, have started spinning rising gas prices and inflation as “Putin’s price hikes” (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a much better name for it). Biden has also blamed sanctions against Russia:


How’s that spin selling for Team Biden? Former Obama “car czar” Steve Rattner isn’t buying it:

For some reason we don’t think this administration is going to “own” anything.

Talk like that might get Rattner put into a time-out in many lefty circles:


Give the Biden fails enough time and perhaps even DSDNC will start to turn.

Gepetto would die of exhaustion if he had to make enough Pinocchios for honest fact-checks of this administration’s claims.



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