Earlier, we told you about Jen Psaki taking a moment to offer up a very simple explanation for the staggering increase in gas prices: it’s pretty much all Vladimir Putin’s fault. Some people wondered why Psaki was tapped to deliver that message when we’ve got a perfectly good president who’s perfectly capable of explaining things to us honestly sometimes able to read words off of a teleprompter without forgetting who he is or what he’s talking about.

Well, for what it’s worth, Joe Biden does have some thoughts on this matter and on the matter of inflation in general. Or at least someone had some thoughts on it and was kind enough to write them down for Joe Biden to sign off on:

It does, doesn’t it? Not only did Vladimir Putin deliver the 2016 election to Donald Trump on a silver platter, but now he’s raising gas prices in America. Damn that Putin and his price hikes!

No, seriously. The White House needs us to know that this is all Putin’s fault and that neither Biden nor his terrible policies have anything to do with the situation we currently find ourselves in. That’s why, in addition to Biden’s statement, the White House has put out a whole Twitter thread to explain everything to us in words that even we rubes can understand:

“Putin’s price hike, explained.”

No, stick with ’em. It’s Putin’s fault, they promise!

“Widespread consensus”! Among Democrats and members of the Biden administration who don’t want to take any responsibility for their actions, but hey. Consensus is consensus.

Funny. We could’ve sworn that producers had the capacity, but not the opportunity. We must be mistaken.

Joe Biden is gonna clean up our energy real good, just you wait.

Why can’t we set our sights even higher than electric cars powered by clean energy? What’s stopping us from taming wild winged unicorns who run on magic and rainbows and using them for transportation instead?

We’re just being silly, of course. We need to stay realistic and focus on clean energy that will be free and free us from the shackles of fossil fuels.

It doesn’t?

China, right?

Don’t worry, we’re sure they’re very clean.

That’s OK. If we’ve learned anything from the Biden administration, it’s that we can blame Vladimir Putin and Russia for all the fallout from the Biden administration’s energy policies forever and ever.

Putin has a time machine, dontcha know:

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re not actually impressed with the White House’s efforts to gaslight us. We’ve just been trying to have a little fun with them because Lord knows they’re not giving us anything to smile about.

Yep. Here’s real, honest-to-goodness misinformation for you, Twitter. On a silver platter. From the White House, no less! Maybe you guys should do something about it, because we’re not seeing what it adds to the national discourse.

Other than reasons to loathe the Biden administration, of course.

The entire Biden administration is an insult.

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