We’ve all grown quite accustomed to sitting her, watching and listening to the Biden administration so shamelessly lie to our faces. They do it every day. It’s pathological, really.

But every so often, every once in a blue moon, they tell us the truth. Not necessarily on purpose, but the truth is the truth and we’ll give them credit for being honest on the rare occasion that it happens.

It happened today during Jen Psaki’s White House press briefing. News broke this morning that inflation had hit its highest rate since 1982 (1982!), so it’s only natural that the subject would be broached with Psaki this afternoon. And it was. It was brought up by Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who asked Psaki if the Biden administration plans on blaming inflation and everything else on Vladimir Putin until the midterm elections.

And inflation was brought up by another reporter, who asked Psaki if she could point to something that the Biden administration is actively doing to provide relief to Americans who are feeling its devastating effects. And that’s when Jen Psaki opened her mouth and a nugget of truth came tumbling out:

“A huge part of what we’ve done has had an impact already.” Well, Jen, you’re right about that.

We have to assume that’s not how she meant for it to come across, but that’s how we’re going to interpret it. Because we can. Because it’s the truth.

Better luck next time, Jen.



Jen Psaki struggles to answer Peter Doocy’s simple question about whether or not Joe Biden owns an electric vehicle

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